Health and wellbeing


Over the last 12 years I've been writing on womens healthcare, for blogs, websites and patient information (subjects range from fertility treatments to fibroids, homeopathy to happiness, post operative care to cholesterol management). And I've written about a range of issues affecting expectant parents and parents of young children. Some samples:


Sugar           Good Fats, Bad Fats     


Brain Development in Infancy  




Stories and Poetic Prose



Poetry & Trees: The Long View


Sheep Poetry - Kinetic poetry with unpredictable results


The Funeral One of the stories from 'What Our Mothers Never Told Us'


Ananta Capturing the essence of the Hindu Pantheon (for touring exhibition with Sumit Sarkar)


A Story of the Universe  Provoking a different view on energy: presented to doctors and complementary practitioners in London


Michael A poem about a shepherd leaving Cumbria



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